Sunday, October 14, 2012

Goodbye QR Codes, Hello Aurasma

Last year I spent of lot of time creating QR codes to bring student work to life. Students attached videos to artwork and classroom displays and created book trailers which could be watched by scanning the QR code attached to the book.

Aurasma is a new Augmented Reality tool which will make QR codes a thing of the past. Now you can activate various types of media (videos, photos, 3D images, etc) just by opening the app and pointing your device at a photo, object or landmark.

You can use the Andriod or iOS apps to view Auras created by others as well as create your own. You create your own channels and location based ones can be made public and viewed by anyone using the app.

This would be a perfect way to create interactive tours of your school. You can also get access to Aurasma Studio and create Auras on your computer. This way, channels can be made public and others can view the content by subscribing to this channel. A few ideas of have thought of for using the app include interactive tours, yearbooks, art exhibits, portfolios, scavenger hunts, off site learning experiences, etc.

Try downloading the Aurasma Lite app for yourself (free) and point to this photo to see how Aurasma has been used creatively by companies. Try creating your own by linking a short video to an image or object. This is one app where you will be asking yourself, "How do they do that"?