Friday, August 3, 2012

Here are three ways that you can watch the Olympics live for free

Getting access to the Olympics over the internet can be very tricky if you do not live in the UK or if you do not have a TV subscription already. After a bit of searching, I did find three ways to access the Olympics on my iPad.

VPN One Click

This app is free to try and costs $0.99/month or $8/year should you decide to purchase it. It gives you the ability to access content from multiple countries, including the US, Canada and the UK. This is important, because two great ways to watch the Olympics require you to be in Canada or the UK to get live streaming. This App makes accessing a VPN very easy. Simply download it, let it automatically set up and then go to your settings and choose the VPN connection you want to connect to.

BBC 2012

If you live in the UK you already have easy access to streaming the Olympics. For those living outside the UK, getting access is not so easy. You need to access the UK App Store in order to download the BBC Olympics App. You can, however, go to the BBC site on your mobile device or computer and stream the Olympics after you have turned on your VPN using the UK option. I have tested this a couple of times and it worked well.

CTV Olympics London 2012

If you live in Canada or have a Canadian App Store account, you can download the CTV Olympics App. Again, using the VPN app and choosing Canada, you should be able to stream the Olympics. This did work for me but was less consistent that the BBC option.

Korea TV Pro 

This is a free app that actually has a number of great benefits beyond the Olympics. You can use it to stream CNN (US and International), BBC, Bloomberg and other English channels. You can also use it to stream several local Korean stations. By choosing "MBC Yeosu", you can stream the Olymics live as long as you don't mind the Korean commentary and focus on Korean athletes. You can remove the ads on the site by paying $0.99 which is well worth it I think to be able to stream international news networks. To switch between the main menu and the streaming, rotate your iPad between landscape and portrait mode. This app will work without the need for any VPN.

Sorry, I know that this post is off topic from what my site is all about, but as we near the end of summer, I imagine there are several teachers out there that would like to enjoy watching the Olympics before heading back to school again.

If you have found other apps or sites to legally watch the Olympics for free on the internet or mobile device, please do share what you have found by leaving a comment.