Saturday, August 4, 2012

5 Great Apps for Back to School that you may not have heard about

Get started on the new school year with some great resources for your students. Here is a list of five apps that you will love but may not have heard much about yet.


Skoolbo is a beautiful 3D world where children ages 4-9 can go to practice math and literacy skills. It recently came out of Beta and is now available for the PC, Mac, iPad and Android devices. To learn more about Skoolbo, please read my earlier reviews.

Three Ring 

Three Ring aims to help teachers create authentic assessments by easily capturing student learning and digitizing paperwork. New features are promised very soon which will include admin, parent and student logins, giving Three Ring the potential to be the perfect app for creating ePortfolios from your mobile device.

Tiny Tap

Tiny Tap lets you turn moments into games by using your own photos and voice to personalize books for children. It is a great resource for students to use to create their own books for for parents and teachers to use to teach younger students new content. In our school we have reading buddies where older students are paired up with younger ones. I think that it would be great for the older students to use Tiny Tap to create interactive learning books for their younger partners.


Even though learning is clearly becoming more mobile, many great educational sites continue to only support Flash. Rover is a great app to access content from these sites on your mobile device. There are a number of sites which you can access directly through the app, or you can also browse other sites using the inbuilt browser. It may be be a perfect solution, but is as about as good as you can get for a solution at the moment.


Happly is a great app for kids to explore the internet safely. Children can get recommendations to sites that are tailored to their interests.