Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vyclone lets you and your friends share an event from all angles

Imagine being able to take all the video recordings of a single event by multiple users to automatically create a multi-angle video. Vyclone is a new app which utilizes the power of social collaboration to do just that.

Vyclone makes it easy for multiple users to connect with each other to share their videos of the same event and have them seamlessly stitched together as one video without the need for time consuming editing. The created video can be shared to popular social sites such as Facebook and YouTube as well as to your camera roll.

I tested the app today by signing into the same account on my iPhone and iPad and adding myself on both devices. I was able to still create my video even though I was signed into the same account on both devices. This is a great benefit for people with multiple iOS devices who want to record an event from different angles.

Application in Education: 

Whether it be a school assembly or class performance, you can always find many parents recording the event on their mobile device. Teachers could also hand out multiple devices to students or colleagues to capture the event from multiple points of view. By using Vyclone, all these perspectives can be added to a video without complicated transferring of videos or the need to use video editing software. Currently, the app is only available for iOS devices but it should not be hard to find several audience members recording an event on there iPhone or iPad.

To get a more in-depth description of Vyclone, please check today's article by TechCrunch where I first learned about the new app.