Sunday, May 20, 2012

Want your students to be better searchers? Google does too

Google's search engine can be a great tool for students if used well. But how often have we just told students to Google it without really providing them with skills they need to do good searches? Fortunately, Google has recently launched Search Education with the aim to help students become better searchers.  

This site is a great resource for educators to help students improve their search results using Google. With lesson plans and webinars, the site offers a wealth of information to improve search literacy.


The A Google A Day website is a great place for teachers to get their students thinking critically and getting more meaningful search results. With daily challenges, students can use search strategies to find the answers and gain deeper understandings. I think it would be great to put students in small groups and have a race to see which groups can get the answer first and then share the search strategies they used.