Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tiny Tap Lets You Turn Moments into Games


The new free Tiny Tap app makes it possible for anyone to create interactive children's books using their own photos and voice. It is a great ways to create personalized books to teach children about almost anything.


Creating stories with the app is quite easy and straightforward. You start by adding photos to your story. You will then be asked to record your questions. For each question, you simply trace the part of the photo with the answer.


You can then set the responses for the correct and incorrect answers. In the sample book I created from the farm picture, one question asked "Where is the pig". If the child touches the pig they are congratulated for their answer. If they touch another part of the screen, they are asked to try again. You can also add from a selection of music to add to your story.

After you have created your story, it is added to your list of stories and can also be shard via email, Facebook or iTunes. There is also a store where you can purchase or play stories which have been professionally created.