Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Photo Beamer makes QR codes seem kinda cool


The new Photo Beamer app from Scalado ($0.99) lets you project the photos in your camera roll on any web enabled screen, simply by pointing your device at a QR code on




I have been using QR codes in the classroom quite often this year, usually as a way to link to photos and videos that students have uploaded to Vimeo or Picasa. It is a great way to add interactivity to displays by letting you actually see the process work or by having the child tell you all about it. Having them around the school really brings life to the things on display. Our grade five students are currently creating book trailers using iMovie and we will attach QR codes in the books themselves so that children can scan them to watch the reviews.

The Photo Beamer app uses QR codes in a way which I have never seen before and never thought possible. You simply open the app, choose any photo in your camera roll, and then point your device at the QR code on the company's homepage. The image then appears on the screen and you can continue to swipe to show all your images. Teachers could get children to take some photos and then easily project them on the classroom display without the need for any uploading, cables or software. It has never been easier to start a slideshow.


Scalado is probably a company you have never heard about but their products are in more than one billion phones, helping to make photo viewing more efficient. They also have a few other apps which look very cool.