Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nearpod promises to be a solution to the synchronized classroom



I recently downloaded the free Nearpod teacher and student apps to see how they might enhance how teachers engage students while doing formative assessment. Although I have not yet had the chance to try it out in the classroom, it appears that Nearpod has great potential for teachers to offer students interactive lessons while monitoring their understanding of the content.


The teacher app allows instructors to control the presentation and to get real time feedback on how each student is doing through displays of results. After downloading the app, teachers can also get a free upgrade from nearpod to be able to create their own lessons.

Currently the Nearpod has several free lessons which can be downloaded and I assume that they are trying to increase the available lessons by providing teachers with the tools to create their own lessons. It would be great if teachers could have the option to monetize their lessons to earn money from creating great lessons.

When students open the student app, they are asked to enter the pin to join the presentation which the teacher is using. The teacher can play the slides from the presentation and once they choose to share, students will be able to see the slide and do any activities which it may include such as quizzes or discussions. This offers teachers a great way for both teachers and students to gage learning.