Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mastery Connect makes it easier for teachers to assess core standards

I downloaded the free Common Core Standards app from Mastery Connect without realizing the comprehensive set of tools they have available for teachers.

Although I work at a a PYP school where the focus is on assessing the whole child, there is still an important role in assessing students against some set of common curriculum benchmarks. The Common Core Standards are similar to those set by many states or countries for curriculum areas such as mathematics or literacy. Mastery Connect provides educators with access to a Personal Learning Network (PLN) or other educators around the world and enables them to share formative assessments of various types with each other. The tools they provide make it easy for teachers to quickly monitor and report on student performance.

As a teacher who is interested is the use of technology in the classroom, I appreciate the ability  to use computers and mobile devices to assess and score students. It not only helps to save paper, but makes it much easier for teachers to spend more time on teaching and less time on assessment.

Quick and Easy Access:

The free Common Core Standards App provides educators with easy access to all of the common core standards through drop down menus.

The Common Core widget can be embedded onto a teacher's website or blog as well, providing easy access to the standards.

It is free for teachers to join the community to share assessments and the user interface has a very Edmodo look to it. The ability to find and share assessments connected to specific core standards will likely be a real time saver for teachers looking for resources connected to specific standards. The Premium account is affordable for most classrooms and offers a variety of tools which teachers can use.