Wednesday, May 23, 2012

LEAP into the future of computing

Sci-Fi movies like Minority Report and The Avengers have given us glimpses into a world where we interact with computers solely through gestures. Microsoft's Kinect has brought us closer to such a reality but a soon to be released device called LEAP, promises to free us from the world of the mouse and keyboard completely. One hundred times more sensitive that the Kinect, Leap can pick up the most detailed gestures such as handwriting. Perhaps we can say goodbye to fingerprint filled screens forever as we interact with all of our devices in a whole new way.

LEAP is currently available for pre-order for $70 and is expected to start shipping around the end of this year. I need to see if this device is a good as it looks and placed my own order. I will be sure to review it if it ever arrives at my door.

Be sure to check out this amazing video demonstrating what the LEAP can do.