Monday, May 21, 2012

GoClass promises to redefine the classroom for 21st Century Instructors and Students


I recently wrote about the Near Pod apps which help teachers create interactive lessons and get real-time feedback on student learning. GoClass is another free app which enables teachers to create rich, interactive lessons which engage students in new ways and provide teachers with instant feedback on student understanding.




Using the GoClass app, the instructor can use resources such as text, notes, media, questions and research tools to build organized and timed lessons.

The key difference between the two apps is that, with the Near Pod app, the instructor controls the pace of the lesson and GoClass creates a unique opportunity for students to follow a class at their own pace. Students can study materials shared by the instructor, and interact with text and inages using touch interactions such as pinch, zoom, pan, etc.

To get started, instructors need to use the Web app to set up a class roster by creating and sharing student accounts. They can then begin creating a lesson plan through a Show - Explain - Ask methodology.

In the SHOW section, the instructor adds media resources for the lesson. In the EXPLAIN section, the instructor adds lecture notes in bulleted points. Finally, in the ASK section, the instructor adds multiple choice questions as part of formative assessment. Only the SHOW section must be added, with the other two sections being optional.

After the lesson has been created, the instructor can share it with the students, either by projecting it to the whole class or by broadcasting it to each device. Student assessments provide instructors with feedback which can guide further instruction.

Although I have not yet had the chance to test out GoClass with students, the app looks very promising In helping teachers to create engaging and interactive lessons in which students can learn at their own pace. The information gained from formative assessments can help drive further instruction into areas which students need additional help.