Saturday, March 31, 2012

Using 3G technologies to empower global communities

While touring the exhibitors at the ICTLT conference in Singapore this week, I stopped by the Qualcomm booth to learn more about their Wireless Reach initiative which began in 2006 and aims use 3G wireless communications to benefit people around the world. 

Most of us have probably not heard much about Qualcomm, but they are a multi-billion dollar company with their chipsets inside every smartphone on the market. Through their Wireless Reach projects, the company works with global partners to empower global communities. Projects like these are so important because many students around the world lack access to the Internet and communication technologies. By bringing 3G technologies to these communities, Qualcomm is helping to reduce the digital divide. 

I had the opportunity to interview Erin Gavin who is the manager of Wireless Reach to learn more about the Wireless Reach Initiative  and the We Learn education pilot project in Singapore in which Qualcomm partnered with Microsoft, Nokia and Singtel, Nan Chiau Primary School and the National Institute for Education

The We Learn project shocases the My Desk application which that allows children to have access to content 24/7 and to interact with their fellow students and teachers. The technology helps with Singapore's goal to achieve self-directed and collaborative learning. 

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