Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The new World Atlas app is amazing

The new World Atlas app is the result of a partnership between Barefoot Atlas and Touch Press, and is absolutely stunning. The 3D interactive globe includes tons of information on just about everything related to geography from facts about countries, people, landmarks, history, animals and more. As you move around, the music changes and you can easily view the animated images. Once clicked on, the images come to life and you are presented with information which includes and audio reading. This is perfect for younger students who are doing research.

The app is a little expensive at $7.99 but is well worth the money. It is packed full of information and really showcases what can be created for the iPad. The only drawback of this app is its size. At 1.5GB, it takes up a lot of space so you may need to delete some other apps if memory is limited.