Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Smoovie Makes it easy to Create Stop Animation Videos on the iPad

     Creating Stop Animation videos with students is a fun way to get them to express themselves creatively. You can use sites such as Frame by Frame on the computer as well as choose from several available apps available for mobile devices. 

     After downloading several apps and testing them out, I decided to focus on using Smoovie, an iPad app which is simple yet quite powerful for creating stop motion animation. You can also use the software for your Mac. It is possible to finalize the video with music within the app but you may also want to export the final video to your camera roll and continue editing in iMovie so that you can add sound effects, captions and music. 

     I created the the following tutorial to highlight some of the key features of Smoovie. You can also check out other similar apps such as StopMotion, NFB Pixstop, iStop Motion or iMotion HD. All of these apps will work quite well for creating your own movies.