Sunday, January 15, 2012

Onlive Desktop brings Windows 7 to your iPad

     When our school decided to move to an all Apple platform, many teachers not only struggled with learning how to use the MacBooks and iPads but also the whole new range of software that they had to learn as well. Microsoft Office had suddenly been replaced with Apple's iWork, leaving many teachers frustrated when trying to accomplish the most basic tasks. 

      If you have come to love using the iPad but are longing for access to  the familiar software and functionality of your Windows 7 PC, then Onlive Desktop is for you. The new free app (currently available on the US iTunes store) literally brings Windows 7 to your iPad and gives you access to full versions of Microsoft Office and other familiar Windows software. According to the description on the iTunes store,
Onlive Desktop is a service that provides a seamless, no-comprimise, instant-response cloud -based PC desktop, wherever and whenever you want it. 

     I downloaded the app and went to the sign-up page to register. It took a day or so, but I eventually did receive a confirmation of my free membership and was able to check out the new service. It appears that the high demand is making the service spotty at the moment but it was somewhat to surreal to see a Windows desktop on my iPad with working versions of the software that I have gotten used to using. Although I prefer to use iWork on my iPad, many people have been wanting access to Microsoft Office. After you sign in to your Onlive Desktop account, your iPad suddenly looks like a Windows PC and you are given access to full versions of Office in the Cloud with 2GB of free storage (with the option to subscribe to a paid version with up to 50GB of storage). 


     For many, the free membership should suffice and you can now feel more at ease knowing that you can get work done on your iPad using Microsoft Office and other familiar Microsoft software.