Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New app from PBS Kids uses augmented reality to help students learn math

     Fetch! Lunch Rush  from PBS Kids  is a new and unique multiplayer game which uses augmented reality to help children learn basic math skills. The goal is to help the popular PBS character named Ruff  Rufferman to collect enough sushi to feed his camera crew. 


     To use this free iPhone app, your first need to print out the cards containing numbers up to 10. You answer questions by pointing your device over the correct number to see virtual sushi appear on the screen. After answering, you will either be presented with the sushi order or feedback to help you get the correct answer. 

     The game starts with basic addition questions and becomes a more difficult and introduces subtraction. It is a perfect app to use in elementary school classes and with students who are behind in math or who need extra practice with mental math skills. 

     The app is a fun and motivating way for students to practice math skills and gives them the opportunity to either work alone or against other students.