Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011 Edublogs nominations now open - Vote for your favorites

     The Edublogs awards blog is now in its seventh year and has helped to bring our attention to great resources related to educational technology. There are a number of individuals dedicated to sharing their knowledge of technology integration and it is great that these awards recognize the efforts of these people. 

     This blog was started a few months ago as a way for me to collect resources for my own learning and to share them with others who are interested in enhancing teaching and learning through technology integration. If you have enjoyed reading my blog and the resources I have shared, please do take a moment to nominate my blog for the 2011 Edublogs awards.  Thank you again for reading my blog and your support. 

     Below is a list of the categories for this year's nominations. You can go to the Edublogs homepage to learn more about how you can nominate your favorites.  

Here are some of my nominations: 

Best ed tech/resource sharing blog: 

Best Group blog: 

Best Web Tool 

     I will try to add more nominations later as I think about the resources which I really enjoy reading.