Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Story Telling made easy: Using StoryPatch in the classroom

     Over the past couple of days, I have been using Story Patch with our grade 2 students as part of their unit on storytelling. I had read reviews of the app before but had not really tested out in the classroom until this week. So far, the response has been very positive. 

    The thing I like most about Story Patch is that students can start their own stories from scratch or create a story with guidance through story prompts. When creating a guided story, children simply choose among different options and get a great story created for them. They can then illustrate by choosing among the many pictures that are available. They can also choose to create their own characters using the character builder or add photos from their photo library. 


     When working with Story Patch, most students were able to complete stories independently, without the need for too much help. They were highly engaged and it proved to be a good app for students to work on individually or with a partner. It was interesting to listen to the conversations that students had with one another when negotiating how their story would unfold.  

    After completing stories, children can easily share them by emailing them as a PDF file. The stories are also stored so that they can be read by others. Creating a title for the story is relatively easy to do but not as intuitive as I had hoped. It requires students to go in the story management section of the app to rename their story. It would be nice if the request to add a title were more visible in the app. Other than that, however, Story Patch proved to be a fun and easy way for students to create their own imaginative stories which can be shared with others.