Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How to export iMovies to Vimeo and embed video into your website

     Last year, we looked at various options for safely sharing videos created by  teachers and students. YouTube was one possible option but private sharing meant being able to share with only twenty-five people. We could upload videos directly to Google Docs but this is not always practical for sharing large videos. 

     In the end, we decided that the best choice for us was to get a Vimeo Plus account ($60).  Using the Channels feature, we can separate individual classes or grade levels and use one account for multiple classes.  

     Using iPads this year has made sharing videos created on the devices a necessity since they eat up the memory very quickly. Fortunately, sharing directly to Vimeo is one of the sharing options in iMovie. We decided that the best way for us to share videos is to add them to iMovie, do a little editing, and then share the videos to Vimeo. 

    I created the Keynote presentation below to give teachers step by step instructions on how to share movies created with iMovie to Vimeo and then embed the video into a class Google Site. I hope that it proves useful to some of our readers. 

     You can go here to view a brief introduction to iMovie on the iPad or watch the video below to learn more.