Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Storytree lets you capture the moments that matter


 Storytree  is a new service which lets people share special moments together and then put them online in the form of a connected story. You can send requests to various family members to share their stories and question prompts are provided to help people get started. Family members can then record their memories which are added to the storytree. 

     For those who are looking for a way to document family histories and special moments, Storytree could prove to be an invaluable service. 

The free app for the iPhone lets you use your mobile device to share your stories and have them become part of an existing or new storytree. 


     Our kindergarten students are working on a unit of inquiry where they are exploring family traditions and Storytree would be the perfect way for them to contact relatives to create their own meaningful stories to keep and share. The service would be a great way for educators to get students learning about their family histories and could serve as a project which continues to have meaning for the child throughout their lives. 

Storytree: Remember the Time from StoryTree on Vimeo.

What is StoryTree? from StoryTree on Vimeo.