Monday, September 26, 2011

Storyline lets you play the game of Telephone on the iPad

Storyline is a fun new free app which lets you play the classic game of Telephone (whisper game) on the iPad. Fun for adults and children alike, the app lets you start with a phrase and then pass it around to continue drawing new pictures and adding titles to match them. As each new person adds to the story line, they add their name and the whole process is played back at the end. 

     Much like the game of telephone itself, the original phrase can quickly get lost in translation, making for some funny interpretations of what others meant to say or draw. 

     Storyline would be a great app for icebreaker activities in any class setting and the multiplayer nature of the app makes it a lot of fun for large groups. You can add your own phrases to start or choose from one of the suggested phrases. 

     The app also works with Facebook, allowing you to create storylines with your friends through the social network. However, it does appear that there are some issues with this function according to reviews from users. 

     Despite being somewhat basic, this app does have great potential and would make for some fun in the classroom. It certainly is worth downloading and trying considering that it is free.