Thursday, September 29, 2011

Slideshare now available in HTML5


More and more companies are moving away from Adobe Flash and  to HTML5. Popular video sites like YouTube and Vimeo have transferred most of their videos to HTML and some companies have even snubbed Apple's new in-app purchase policy by creating HTML5 Apps. Amazon's Kindle Cloud Reader  is a perfect example of this. Even Mircosoft's Windows 8 will no have Flash and be HTML5 instead. Now Slideshare has made all of its content available through HTML5, making it possible to view it in a beautiful layout on mobile devices. 

     With over 60 million viewers each month, Slideshare is the world's largest community for sharing your presentations. It is a great resource for educators and their students to research information and to share their own ideas with others. With such a vast collection of user uploaded presentations, you can find information of almost any topic of interest. 

     The site, like many others recently, has gone HTML5, making it possible to view the content on mobile devices. Although not an app, it performs like one and you can access it quickly by bookmarking the site on the homescreen of your mobile device. 

     It does look like the future of apps may in fact be web apps created using HTML5. It will be interesting to see what other sites will be creating HTML5 apps in the near future.  

Slideshare is html5 now
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