Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Integrating ICT into the classroom: Thoughts from a colleague

    This article is from a colleague who shares the same position as me this year at another campus. We both work as technology integration educators in the PYP, but with a few differences in working environments. Ben works with teachers and students up to grade 3 and I work with them up to grade 6. Our campus is using iPads up to grade 3 and MacBooks from grades 4-6. Ben's campus is currently using PC's but will likely be moving to a similar platform as our campus in the near future. 

     This is a new position for both of us, but we both share the same overall philosophy regarding the role of the technology integration educator and how to successfully integrate ICT into the classroom. Here is the first paragraph from Ben's article: 

Finding the right blend to support technology integration can be difficult.
Recently I started in my new position of Technology Integration. I’m working with teachers and students from Early Childhood Education to Grade 3 with limited technology and varying teacher attitudes. Starting the year I was nervous, yet enthusiastic. I’ve been very fortunate to be moving into not only a new position for me, but a totally new position for the school. This has meant loads of flexibility and no expectations of how it was ‘done last year’. As a result, I was able to develop a model of integration that I think would work best. In this post I’d like to outline the major (and successful:)) parts of the model that I’ve worked to implement.