Sunday, September 4, 2011

Eleven great apps for young learners

    With so many learning apps available for children, it can be overwhelming to navigate through all of them. I have downloaded many apps and found that there are a few great apps and a lot of  really bad ones. 

     Many apps are available for free which is useful to trial them, but I have been really disappointed by the large numbers of apps targeted to children which include ads, in app purchases and requests for personal information. If you find an app for young learners which you like, I would suggest getting the full version so that you are your child is not exposed to these distractions. I would stay away form apps which continue to bombard your child by in app purchase requests or ones which ask them to enter personal information or which link them to social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. No ethical developer of educational apps for children should be trying to make money this way. 

     Here are a few good apps which I have found which I would recommend getting. I have downloaded them onto the iPads for our primary students. These apps target preschool and kindergarden children but could also be useful for children with developmental delays or special needs. 


I Write Words 

     This is, hands down, one of the best apps to introduce children to writing and phonics. The app makes it easy and fun for children to trace letters and numbers and provides them with positive feedback. As children spell words, they see a picture and have the word read to them. 


Pre-K Letters and Numbers 

     Here is another great app to introduce children to writing and phonics. This app also includes the ability to add the names of different children and get feedback on how they are doing. 


Pocket Phonics

     This app is great for teaching children how to write letters and recognize sounds. They can lean to spell basic words by practicing hearing how letters are pronounced. 


Bob Books

    The Bob Books series have been popular with parents and teachers for a long time to help children learn to read. The apps combine story telling with an introduction to phonics and spelling. 


Math (numeracy)

Tally Tots 

     This is a fun app to teach counting. It includes interactive activities to keep children engaged. 


Park Math 

    Park App is a fun game to learn math from Duck Duck Moose, an app developer which has several great kids apps. Children learn basic math skills from cute characters in the park. 


Motion Math Zoom 


     This app uses cute number lines to help students order numbers. It can be used with young learners for basic numbers as well as with older students to learn decimals. 

I Learn with Poko: Additions

     I learn with Poko includes a few different apps based around the popular cartoon character. Children who enjoy the cartoon will especially love using this app to  learn basic math skills.



Beep Beep 

     This free app by Corel is an intuitive and fun app which all young children will enjoy. Children do not need to know how to read at all to be able to successfully navigate their way through using this app. The best part is that it is completely free. 


Drawing Pad 

      Drawing pad is one of the best apps available for children, young and old, to express themselves creatively through art. The virtual art drawer includes everything needed to create works art which can easily be shared. 


Paint my Wings

     Toca Boca makes several cute educational apps which children seem to love. If you like this app, be sure to check out the other apps that are available.