Wednesday, September 21, 2011

8 great resources to safely share videos and other content with kids

     There are tons of great videos available on sites like YouTube, but there is also a lot of other content on these sites which may not be appropriate for younger students. Here are a few great resources for you to share videos and other content with children without worrying about them being exposed to the other stuff that is out there.  is a site designed for kids which includes curated websites, YouTube videos, games, images and other content. Sourced from over 5 million parent and teacher approved websites, videos and images, the site contains a rich variety of safe resources for children. The website can be viewed through mobile devices and has a soon to released app called ZuiGo. 


Mobicip Safe Browser ($4.99)

     The Mobicip Safe Browser is a well reviewed app which gives you a safe browser where you can control the settings to control what children can access on the internet. The browser includes a YouTube filter which scans every YouTube video and filters it based on title, descriptions and keywords. 


     Kideos has a great selection of videos for kids organized by age groups. The only thing I didn't like about this site is They also have an iPhone app available for $2.99


     Kideo Player is a great site for younger children since videos play automatically and it is easy to move to the next video. There is not search bar so this site would be best just to keep children entertained with a variety of child-friendly videos. The site worked great for me on a computer but I was unable to get the video to load when testing it on my iPad. 

YouTube Videos for Kids  ($0.99) 

     YouTube for kids promises to let kids enjoy YouTube without exposing them to everything the site has to offer. Parents or teachers can search for videos and put them into various categories for kids. 


     Vusafe is a great site to safely find, organize and share educational videos. To read more about this website, you can read my earlier review

Video Sites just for education: 

     Schooltube "is the place for students and teachers to share videos online" 

     Teachertube is similar to Schooltube but focused more on educators.