Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Writepad App turns handwriting into typed text

     As much as I love using the iPad, I do find that it is frustrating to type on it. The onscreen keyboard is okay for short notes but is not very practical when you need to type a lot of text quickly.  

     I have been looking for an app which would help me to quickly and reliably translate my written notes on the iPad to typed text which can easily be synced and shared. WritePad appears to be the perfect solution. 

     The Writepad app by PhatWare makes it easy to jot down hand written notes with a stylus or your finger and have the text converted to easy to read typed text. At $9.99 on the App Store, it is a little expensive and I was hesitant to download it without knowing much about how well it worked. I had been considering a much cheaper option called Fast Finga ($1.99) which also looked like a good option, but decided to go ahead and get the more expensive Writepad app. 

     I have been using the app throughout the day and find that it actually works quite well. The app is accurate most of the time and it  promises to get better as it learns from your writing style. I did find that you need to be careful to be a little neat and with spacing. The app appears to be less reliable with cursive writing than with printed text. 

     Overall, the app works very well and includes the ability to sync your notes with Dropbox or Evernote. It doesn't appear, however, that you can sync with both services at the same time. 

     If you are looking for a way to take handwritten notes on your iPad or iPhone and have them converted to text to share with others, the Writepad app may be a good choice. It would be ideal for students to use in the classroom to take notes.