Thursday, August 11, 2011

Two ways you can print from your iPad to ANY printer


     Printing documents from the iPad can be tricky, especially when using printers which are not capable of using Apple's Airprint. Fortunately, there are ways available to print from the iPad to ANY printer connected to a computer. I discovered these today thanks to our IT department head. 

Print Central

      The Print Central app ($8.99) for the iPad promises to allow you to print to ALL printers via your Mac or PC, or directly through wifi enabled printers. For printers that are not wifi enabled, documents can be sent to a computer (usb, wifi, 3G) and then printed to a printer connected to the computer. 

     The ability to do this is great for the classroom, enabling students to share work over a wireless network to their teacher's computer for saving and printing. This is far easier than having to connect each iPad to the computer to sync files. 


     Printopia is an application you download onto your Mac which enables to print from your iPhone or iPad. According to the company's website, "[i]f your Mac can print to it, now your iPhone and iPad can too". Once downloaded, you can share any printers connected to your Mac to your iOS device. 

     You can download the free demo to test out the product or buy the full version for $19.95.