Friday, July 8, 2011

Blogger has a new look in draft

Within the next few weeks, both Blogger and Picasa will be renamed as part of Google's updates. The look of Blogger will also be changed, giving it a much cleaner interface.

If you use Blogger and would like to test out the new look, you can do so by using Blogger Draft. It is expected that the new look will be publicly released over the coming weeks.

The biggest complaint I still have about Blogger, is the lack of a native app for the iPad and the inability to post using their website from the iPad unless doing so using html. I am currently using BlogPress to post from my iPad which works fairly well but the app has its limitations. For now, it is the best option I can find. Hopefully Google will introduce an app or at least update their Blogger site to make it possible to post from a mobile browser.

- Posted from my iPad