Monday, June 6, 2011

Toontastic is an amazing storytelling app for the iPad

     There are tons of great apps available for the iPad which can be used to teach digital storytelling. I downloaded a few and, so far, my favorite is Toontastic. The app was designed with kids in mind but adults will love using it too. This is not only a great app to use in the classroom but also provides parents with a great tool to spend some fun quality time with their children. 

     Toontastic combines teaching children about the key elements of a story with a simple and fun animation tool. They are guided through each step, making it very easy for them to record their own animated story. They begin by choosing a backdrop and characters and can then record their voices as they move the characters around the screen with their finger. They  then choose the best music to suit the mood of the scene. Each new scene is added to the story arc, helping children to understand the important elements of a story. 

     The animations can be saved or uploaded to ToonTube and shared with others. The app, which is currently available on the App Store for $3.99 is a must for any elementary classroom. 

Toontastic from Thushan Amarasiriwardena on Vimeo.