Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Here are three free, easy to use stop animation tools

     There are lots of educational tools which can be used in the classroom as well as on  those days during summer vacation where your child just has nothing to do. Stop animation is a fun way to keep children occupied during the vacation and helps them to learn valuable tools which they could apply to classroom projects. 

     Here are a couple of free, easy to use tools which can help get your child started with making their own stop animation or claymation movies: 

Frame By Frame

     I first came across this while doing an Apple Study Trip in Australia. Students were using their Macbooks to create their own claymations and it looked like a lot of fun. 

     Frame by Frame is a freeware stop motion movie creation application which works on Mac computers. Movies can be created by taking a series of photos with any camera connected to the computer. The final version is saved as a Quicktime movie. To view some samples of what you can do, visit the video sample page on their site. 

Jelly Cam

     I stumbled upon  this while reading the Free Technology for Teachers blog. Jelly Cam is a simple, free tool which allows you to make stop motion videos with a webcam or photos. You can also use this one on a PC (unclear if it works on a Mac as well). 

iMotion HD

     iMotonHD is a free time-lapse and stop-motion app available on the App Store from Finger Lab.  It is very easy to use and you can adjust the frame rate easily. Movies you create can be shared, but to access this option, you will need to upgrade to the full version which costs $1.99. You can also download the free remote app which will allow you to use another iOS device to take the photos over a wireless network. Samples of videos are available on the iMotonHD YouTube gallery. 

     If you have a child who is bored and also likes computers, tell them go get off the games for a while and make their own stop animation videos. If you would like to share them here, please contact me and I will add it to the site.