Sunday, June 12, 2011

15 Free apps that you should get

     There are so many apps available, it can be overwhelming to find the right ones. Here is a list of 15 free apps which I have found useful. I am using all of them on my iPad but many are also available for other mobile devices. 

1. Flipboard

     This has become my favorite app and I use it more than anything else. It turns all of your social streams from sites like Facebook and Twitter into a virtual magazine. You can also add any other sites that you love to read to read on the go. The layout of this app is just beautiful. 

2. Dropbox 

     Until iCloud is released to the public, everyone should have Dropbox installed on their devices as a way to save and sync your documents in the cloud. 

3. Photoshop Express 

     This app will allow you to easily edit your photos. It certainly doesn't have the power of Photoshop but it has lots of good tools to get the job done. 

4. Google Translate 

     You can quickly translate text into multiple languages and many of the languages have support for voice recognition. This is a great way to communicate with your students who are learning English and as a tool for them to get work done. 

5. Evernote 

     Evernote is a great tool for staying organized and allows you to create notes in multiple ways. It works on virtually all computers and mobile devices, making it a great way to keep everything in sync. 

6. A remote to control your computer from your device such as Remote  by Apple or Spashtop Remote. If you like try and like Splashtop Remote, I would recommend getting the paid version which costs $1.99. 


7. Brainpop 

     The Brainpop websites are a great resource to have as a school and the free app lets students watch Brainpop videos on their mobile device. 

8. Edmodo 

     This popular education site is known as the Facebook for Education and has a free app available to help students and teachers to stay connected.  

9. Prezi Viewer 

      My kids love using Prezi to create presentations and the Prezi Viewer app lets them view the presentations on their mobile device. 

10. iChromy 

     This free web browser was created by Diigo and works very much like Google Chrome. Many people will prefer to use Dafari, but iChromy makes a great alternative. 

11. TED 

     Ted talks has great videos from inspirational people and with this app, you can watch the videos on your device. 

12. Vimeo 

     Vimeo is a great solution to storing and sharing your videos online. Our school looked at various options, and found Vimeo to be the safest way to share content with its built in ability to set passwords for videos and control privacy. The app is free but a subscription to Vimeo Plus costs $60 a year and lets you upload 5gb of videos each week (plenty for several teachers to share one account). 

13. Animoto 

     Animoto is a great way to make slideshows and is free for educators. The free app lets you watch your slideshows on your mobile device. 

14. Skype 

     Skype not only lets you make free calls (or very cheap ones), it also makes it possible to connect with other educators and students around the world through Skype in the Classroom

15. Videolicious 

     This is a great app which a lot of functionality for something that is free. Your students can choose photos and videos and create a mini documentary in no time. The built in cameras on the iPad 2 works great with this app. 

Do you have your own favorite free apps? Please leave a comment and tell us about them.