Monday, May 16, 2011

Vokle lets you host your own talk show and take questions from your audience

     Have you ever wanted to host your own real talk show with a live audience? Vokle lets you do just that and take live video or text questions from your audience. 

     You can decide whether to Go Live now or to schedule an event. You can also embed Vokle into your website, making it possible to interact with your website audience in a whole new way. 

     I signed in using my Twitter account and was able to get started relatively easily. My flash player did crash when I tried it in Chrome but it worked fine in Firefox.

     I think this tool would be great for those who are interested in starting their own talk show but I would suggest using it more before getting students involved in creating their own talk shows. I am not sure if there is a way to control who can view your show and would have some concerns about what you might see given that this is a public site on the web. 

VOKLE Event Tour from VOKLE on Vimeo.