Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why isn't Google introducing a Chrome tab?

Why isn’t Google introducing a ChromeTab? 

    With the soon to be released Chrome OS, Google has introduced the Chromebook through Samsung and Acer. The problem, however, is that these are netbooks in the traditional sense and don’t bring anything refreshing to consumers beyond cloud computing itself. A typical $300 netbook can provide enough memory and computing power to satisy most people but tablets on the other hand, offer a fresh new way to experience content but lack the flexibility in terms of memory and  complete internet access that people want. Apple has cornered the tablet market with the Ipad and, despite trying, no other tablet can really compete. I think that people would consider a tablet from a competitor if it ran on Google Chrome’s OS, giving them the full web experience while also giving them access to touchscreen computing.

    This might be a great opportunity for tablets like the  Samsung’s Galaxy which is the only tablet that seems to be gaining inroads against Apple’s Ipad. Currently these are running on Android’s Honeycomb which is limiting in many ways since it is really designed for smartphones.

    My suggestion to Google is to leave the Android Honeycomb OS for the Smartphone market, and introduce the Google Chrome OS to both the tablet market and the netbook market at the same time. Let consumers decide which they prefer. Samsung, Acer and other companies would benefit from being able to get more products out there in the form of both tablets and Netbooks.

    They need a good marketing campaign to convince consumers that their new cloud based OS is superior and that there really is a good reason to use it rather than buying the Ipad. It would be important, however, that consumers have full access to Android’s App marketplace since app choice is the only real way to compete against Apple’s App store.

    I think that many consumers are frustrated with the Ipad for its lack of memory, inability to connect USB memory and lack of Flash support. The Google Chrome OS operates in the cloud, allowing full access to the web without the need for a powerful computer. To me it seems like the perfect choice for the tablet.

    If Google introduces the Chrome netbook without a Chrometab, I think they are doomed to fail. It will be the Google Buzz of operating systems - great idea without generating a whole lot of real buzz. They had better hurry though because Microsoft and Apple will get a step ahead of them of they don’t embrace the opportunity they have with the new OS.