Saturday, May 21, 2011

Apple brand triggers religious experience in fans

     I read an article on the CNN website today which confirmed what I knew all along - Apple triggers a religious experience in its fans. In reporting on a BBC documentary, CNN mentions that the Apple brand triggers a reaction in the brain that is similar to that of religious devotees. 

     When I went to an Apple conference a couple of months ago, I really did get the feeling that I was at a religious convention. It really is a powerful thing. I felt like the sinner sitting in the back row who needed to be converted. Everyone around me was proudly displaying their Macbooks and iPads while I sat there trying to hide my HTC Windows 7 Phone. The charismatic speakers talked of inspirational leaders from Marin Luther King Jr. to Steve Jobs. They spoke of great inventions such as the printing press, microwave oven and iPod. 

     I must admit, I walked away from the conference ready to buy anything and everything Apple. Perhaps it was the hours of staring at the bright white Apple on the black screen or the black water bottle they gave me with the glowing white apple right in the middle. Perhaps it was the apple juice they were serving all weekend. Now, when I go to a mall and see an Apple store I just feel this rush and want to just go get the new Ipad. I have to force myself to leave to avoid the urge. 

     Apple does make great products and I am sure other companies would give anything to have such brand loyalty. The emotional power they have on their fans is just extraordinary.