Saturday, May 14, 2011

Testing out Oxtico - a service which lets you find all your cloud content in one place

 A few days ago, I wrote about a new site in beta called Otixo which promises to give you access to all your online files with a single app. I got an invite today and decided to give it a try. 

     After signing up for an account, I was able to choose from a variety of places where my online files are kept and add them to the Otixo app. I added files from Google Docs and my Dropbox account. It did did work smoothly overall but I did not see all the files I have on my school's Google Docs account. It seems to have listed all those which are not yet placed into folders that I created. 

     Otixo makes it easy to control all your files, giving you the ability to upload files from your computer to the cloud service you select or download from the cloud service to your computer. It also syncs your content to make sure everything is up to date. 

     The service is convenient for keeping track of all your content in the cloud but I don't think I would make much use of it until the company releases an app for mobile devices as well. I think it would be great to have one app on my mobile device to get access to all my content stored in the cloud. It is definitely a company to watch and it is worthwhile requesting an invite to test their service.