Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Technological challenges in education: Digital immigrants teaching the Digital natives

There are major shifts in technology which will need to be addressed by educators. For digital natives (those growing up with the technology) these changes are natural and evolutionary. For most of us educators who are digital immigrants (those who are new to the technologies), these changes may be less natural and perhaps revolutionary.

     The 2011 Horizon Report  highlights the emerging trends in technology and a recent article at OpenEducation.net does an excellent job of summarizing the report and the impact on the technological shifts in education.  From mobile and cloud computing to shifts in how books are published to gesture based technologies to learning analytics, the two articles highlight some important changes which educators will need to address over the coming months and years. The Horizon Report Wiki has more great information and links for those who want to learn more on this topic. Their main page also has links for downloading the report.