Sunday, May 22, 2011

Reports suggest that Foxconn Ipad factory explosion may have been related to poor working conditions

The Foxconn factories in China are responsible for making some of the most well known technological gadgets including the iPhone, iPod and iPad. 
The company has been plagued with complaints of poor working conditions and an unusually high rates of suicide among employees. The recent explosion at the factory which killed two will certainly bring safety issues back to the forefront. According to reports, the plant in Chengdu China has an alarming record of occupational health and safety issues. 

     Although little information has yet to be released, it is believed that the explosion occurred in the polishing area of the factory. An article at Cnet suggests that poor ventilation at the factory may have led to the build up and ignition of magnesium dust. 

     The reason I am reporting this here is that I think I have an ethical obligation to highlight potential dangerous labor practices which are related to the products we all buy and love, especially when they are used widely in education.