Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A mutiltouch mobile mouse at your finger tips - literally

     Do you ever find it hard to click links on your mobile device because your finger tips are just too large? Pad Kite is a free download for your mobile device which aims to solve this problem by acting as a multitouch mobile mouse. 

Why use Pad Kite? 

Here are the benefits of the app as highlighted by the website: 

  • Never fumble or miss a target again.

  • Breeze through favorite websites in a flash with customizable multitouch gestures. 

  • Post media and text to Facebook, Twitter and blogs with the swoop of a fingertip. 

     A really great feature of Pad Kite is the gesture kit which allows you to quickly draw symbols or letters on your device to get shortcuts. This could prove to be a great time saver if it works as well as they claim.

     As great as Pad Kite looks, it is only available for download on a selected number of mobile devices and downloading it could be a little complicated for some. Below is a list of the devices which currently support the app: 

     If you do have one of these devices and would like an easier way to click on links on your mobile device, PadKite may be worthwhile getting. It is free so you could always delete it if you don't like the way it works.