Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Here is a fun activity to try.

     I just created a brand new forum and am looking for people to get involved. To encourage you to join and post an introduction, I am asking you to try this fun activity using Tagxedo word cloud creator. 

Go to Tagxedo to create a word cloud about yourself (using your image) and then add the image to the introductions category in our discussion forum. The image will be a creative way to tell us all about you and can be used for other projects as well. You can share it with your students to show what you can do with the site and then get them to make their own and display them around the class. You can choose to write an introduction and post it together with the word cloud from the words you used or even just copy and paste words from another source such as your twitter account or your blog. 
Here is the example I made in just a few minutes using my site's url:

original photo

word cloud

Here is how you can create your own word cloud from an image. 

1. Go to Tagxedo 

On the main page, you will have the option to choose your text from multiple sources such as your Twitter ID, blog, etc. 

You can also choose start now to get more options such as adding your own list of words. 

2. You should see the menu bar which give you options to make changes:

3. When you click shape, you can choose a shape from the list or upload your own. If you want to use a photo of yourself, just upload it here. 

4. Use the load button to add your words or URL and then play with the different settings until you get the image you like. If you click the word/layout button and then layout, you can make changes such as maximum words allowed, how tightly they are packed together and 

5. Play around with the various settings by clicking the  respin button: 

Finally save your image in the desired format. 

Next login to our forum: 

Signing up is very easy and you have several choices, including using your Google login, Facebook or Twitter. You can also sign up in a matter of seconds to the site by filling in your username and password. 

After you have signed up, go to the discussion and start a new discussion and choose the "introduce yourself" option. 
Write a brief introduction if you wish and insert your photo. 


     You are of course welcome to post under any discussion and please let me know if there are other categories for discussions that you would like me to add. 

     If you enjoy coming here and reading, please do join the forum so that we can begin the process of creating a community of educators who are committed to lifelong  learning. The community is still very small, but with your help, it can grow.