Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Here are two great ways to get your work published


     The popularity of e-book readers has made it easier for writers of all kinds to get their work published and viewed. Whether you are a writer of fiction, how-to books or a teacher publishing books and podcasts, there is a place for you to publish so that others can access your work. 

      According to their website "Feedbooks distributes over 3,000,000 books to smartphones, tablets and eReaders". Many titles are available for free in the public domain, enabling aspiring authors to submit their work without the headaches of dealing with traditional publishers.

     Don't think that Itunes is just for music. If you have an Apple portable device, you will see a button within Itunes called ItunesU. This is an amazing resource for educators and their students. 

What is ItunesU?

     ItunesU provides a vast resource of educational materials at all levels but currently there is a limited selection for those teaching younger students. It enables educators to publish their work, either through print form, podcasts or as talking documents. If you use Pages, you can easily save your documents as ePub and publish them to ItunesU. 

     So if you are an aspiring writer or an educator with knowledge to share with the world, Feebbooks and ItunesU are two great resources to get you started.