Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flipboard is your personalized magazine

     By all accounts, Flipboard is the must have app for your Ipad. This free app available on the App Store  was named Apple's Ipad app of the year and one of Time's top innovations of 2010. Flipboard helps you stay on top of all your social media (as well as other media) by letting you view everything as a personalized magazine. The layout is beautiful and it looks like the perfect way to view content from the web on your Ipad. If you have an Ipad and don't have Flipboard, go and download it right now. And to make your reading experience even better, you can always start reading feeds from our website on your Flipboard. Please be sure to click "Like" or "Tweet" when you come across something you like. 

Here are the major benefits of the app according to the website: