Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flicsy makes it easy to share photos in groups

     Flicsy is a new site in beta which helps you to share photos in groups. You can take all the photos you and your friends have taken from an event and put them into one large album. You sign in with your Facebook account and then invite your friends to add photos to the album. 

How could it be used in education? 

     This is clearly a great tool for sharing all your photos from a trip or other event. I think it could also be great for educators and students as well to help share photos. You could, for example, create a (private) Facebook account and get teachers, parents and students to share photos from a school event. If you use Facebook in your classroom (which we are not allowed to) then you will likely find this a useful tool. If not, it could still be great for teachers to share photos. One use might be just to share photos to be used for a project with students so that all teachers who find photos can share them in one album together. This would make it a great collaborative tool for teachers to share photos.