Monday, May 23, 2011

CheckThis lets you publish and share content in seconds

     Remember when if you wanted to make your own website you needed to know a little html? I remember a few years ago wanting my own site and opening up the Dreamweaver manual.  
It seems that it is getting easier every day to publish to the web. Checkthis is a new site in beta which claims to be somewhere between nothing and a blog. Essentially, it helps you publish and share content to the web quickly.

     Checklist is great for sharing content quickly without the need to manage your own website or blog. Perhaps you want to promote an upcoming event or show off a recent school project you did. It could be used by both teachers and students to get their work out there and the addition of privacy controls is great if considering it for education. 

Here are they key benefits of using Checklist according to the website: 

     Check this may be worth checking out if you wish to have a way to easily create and share content without the need for having to create a new website or blog. To get access, you will need to leave your email and wait for an invite. 

Meet checkthis from checkthis on Vimeo.