Wednesday, May 18, 2011

21 steps to effective Ipad success in schools

     I will be going to Australia in just over a week for Apple school visits looking at the use of the Ipad in the classrooms. I thought I would see what is being done and came across an amazing website and guidebook put together by the Victorian Government. 

  The Victorian government in Australia trialed and Ipads in the classroom and put together a great website and guidebook titled " 21 Steps to 1:1 Success". 

    The free interactive book highlights the program and they key factors to consider when implementing a 1:1 Ipad program. 

     The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development partnered  with Apple to carry out a 1:1 Ipad program where more than 600  students were given Ipads to use 24 hours a day seven days a week during the course of the trial. 

The trial had the following key objectives: 

  • Investigate the progressive and effective use of learning technologies in teaching and learning 

  • Develop independent and self-initiated learning in students 

  • Extend learning beyond the classroom 

The guidebook goes on to outline and detail the four phases to effective implementation: 

  • planning 

  • preparing 

  • implementing 

  • evaluating 

     Any schools using Ipads or planning to implement them in the future ought to take a look at this free guide and supporting website.