Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vusafe lets you share videos safely

What is Vusafe? 

      Vusafe  is a free site which was created by M86 Security to help educators to safely find, organize and share videos from YouTube and videos which you upload. This avoids exposing students to advertising or inappropriate videos or comments. Although our school does not block access to YouTube, I know that many schools do, making it hard for teachers to get access to great video resources for the classroom. Going to YouTube can also risky since you can never be sure that students won't see suggestive images or inappropriate comments.

Why use Vusafe? 

     Vusafe solves this problem by allowing you to share videos in a safe environment where students are not exposed to any inappropriate content. This helps educators to use videos from sites like YouTube without having to worry about about exposing students to the site itself.

How do I create and manage an account? 

Once you sign up, you will be sent an administrator's username and password and can use this to manage the site. You can invite teachers and students with different levels of access.

 Teachers will have the ability to search for videos and organize them by subject, category, age range, and group. They can also add keywords to make it easy to search for videos. You can also choose to participate in the video sharing community where you can share videos with other educators around the world.

Is it worth getting? 

     Overall I think that Vusafe is a safe and secure way to share Internet videos with students. Educators can limit student access to pre-approved videos and organize them in ways that make them easy to share. The company points out that schools can access YouTube even if it is blocked if they use the M86 filter or gateway. This appears to be the area where the company hopes to make money. If your school does not block access, you will be able to use Vusafe without any additional hardware or cost. It is certainly worth it to have access to great videos for the classroom without having to worry about the problems associated with viewing them directly from YouTube. I like the clean and easy to use interface and think that it solves many of the problems associated with sharing video content with students. One concern I have is that it says my account will expire just two months after signing up. I am not sure what will happen once it expires. I have contacted the company to ask and will update once I get a response.