Monday, April 11, 2011

Ten Marks Scores Well with Students for learning Math

     For my first review, I thought I would look at a site I came across a few months ago called Ten Marks. This company was introduced on the web in 2010 to help teachers, parents and students supplement math practice from grade 3 all the way up to high school. Although there is a subscription fee for individual accounts of about $10 per month, the site is free for educators to use with their class. I decided to test it out with my own grade 4 class and added curriculum content which closely connected with what I need to cover for the year. I was able to choose content from both grade's 3 and 5 as well which is useful for students who either need the extra practice or the extra challenge.

     As a teacher, you can assign specific content to your students by sending it to them as a message on the site or by email. If you decide you want more opportunities for differentiated learning by assigning different content to individual students, there is the option to do so through a paid option.

The site doesn't have all the bells and whistles that some sites have for kids but it has all the right stuff to keeps students getting the practice they need, at their own pace and on their own time. The question sets are manageable for students and they get extra help by having hints available as well as video lessons for each topic areas. This is like having their own personal tutor available to them as they work through the questions.

     Students are informed of their progress on each assessment and given the chance to go back to correct mistakes. Extra motivation is given through certificates for completing a unit as well as extra games being unlocked after a level as been completed.

     Overall I would recommend that any educator give this site a try and determine the success according to the feedback from your students. It isn't easy to get your students to fall in love with math but you will probably find that there is a more positive attitude when students use a site like Ten Marks. The only drawback that I have experienced personally is that the site can be slow at times. Some of my students have complained that it can sometimes take a long time for pages to load. This may be due to the site becoming popular so quickly and not having the bandwidth to cope.