Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Splashtop Remote lets you control your Mac or PC from your mobile device

What is Splastop Remote? 

     Splashtop Remote is a great App for controlling your Mac or PC from your Iphone, Ipod touch, Ipad or Android device. This is really a great function to have as an educator because it frees you from having to be at the computer. 

Here are the benefits according to the company's website: 

     Our school has a limited number of interactive whiteboards but we have computers, projectors and will soon have access to the Ipad in each class. The SplashTop remote is a perfect App to work with these devices because it allows teachers to control their computer from anywhere in the room over a wireless internet connection. 

     You can use both the it both in touchpad mode or keyboard mode. In the touchpad mode, you can use your mobile device as a virtual touchpad and in the keyboard mode, you can use it as a virtual keyboard to type (such as text or urls). 

How do I get it? 

To use Splashtop remote, you will need to download the streamer onto your computer and the app onto your mobile device which is available in the App store at just 99 cents for the Iphone or Ipod touch and $2.99 for the Ipad. 

Is it worth getting? 

     For what it does, I think Splashtop Remote is a great and inexpensive investment. There are other Apps out there which have similar functions, but this one works smoothly and is cheap compared to some of the ones I have seen.