Friday, April 15, 2011

MyOn Reader: A promising new service to get students interested in reading

     Capstone Digital has introduced a new service called MyOn Reader which they claim is a  "personalized literacy environment that engages students at all reading levels by providing the largest integrated library of digital books". Students would be assessed for their reading level and books would then be suggested to them based on their own level and reading interests. The goal is to get students reading just right books which appeal to them so as to motivate them to read more. Students and educators would be able to monitor reading progress over time as well. 

     The service looks like it has a lot of potential in helping educators meet the needs of students and to provide more differentiated learning opportunities in the classroom.

     I would love to get feedback from those who have used this service or could recommend other reading programs which work well in getting motivated to read books at the appropriate reading level.