Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to get an Interactive Whiteboard for just $50

     If you have an Ipad, computer and a projector then all you need to add an interactive whiteboard to your classroom is Doceri. You can trial the free version for 30 days and then, if you like it, buy it for $50. 

What is Doceri? 

Here is the answer according to their website: 

"Doceri™ is a revolutionary iPad software suite for classrooms, conference rooms, and auditoriums – any place where you give presentations, teach, or collaborate.
In a nutshell, Doceri is the ultimate tool for presentations and lessons. Through the Doceri Remote iPad app and Doceri Desktop software, you can control a computer (Mac or Windows), easily launch any document or application, and annotate over them at any time. You can save drawings and play them back in the future allowing even better presentations to be created from your existing PowerPoint or Keynote slideshows. If you just want to use it as a whiteboard, you can create any handwritten/drawn content on any background of your choice. And with additional room control hardware, Doceri can even be used as the remote control for projectors, DVD players, and all other audiovisual devices in your room.
Doceri is the presentation control that you've always wanted!"

     I have an interactive whiteboard in my class but most teachers in my school don't. In addition, the board forces the teacher to teach from the the front of the room and I find myself constantly having to callibrate it  and move to get out of the shadow. Wouldn't it be great to be able to get the benefits of having an interactive whiteboard with the ability to freely to move around the room? 

     Much like  SplashTop Remote , Doceri allows you to control your computer from your Ipad. However, it goes much further by  offering additional features such as being able to annotate on top of content and offering writing tools like those on  interactive whiteboards. 


How do I get it? 

     Much like Splashtop Remote, you will need to download the desktop version onto your computer and the app onto your onto your Ipad. the app is available for free on the App Store. You can download a free trial of the desktop version to try it and then download the paid version for $50 for each computer. This may sound rather expensive but is just a fraction of the cost of getting an interactive whiteboard for each class. 

Is it worth getting? 

The reviews of it are great but I have not had the chance to use it yet since we are still waiting for Apple to release the new Ipad in Singapore. I will be sure to test it out as soon as I can and add my experiences. I think it would certainly be worthwhile for any educator to download the trial and see for themselves if it is as good as it promises to be and if they really can get a $50 interactive whiteboard for their classroom.