Sunday, April 10, 2011

The first post: Welcome to my blog

I have been a teacher for well over a decade now and have always been passionate about integrating technology to improve teaching and learning. I am currently teaching grade 4 as a homeroom teacher and have been introducing my students to new technologies on a regular basis. I will be changing my job to become the technology integration teacher in the PYP programme at our school and decided that it was time that I start a blog to document my experiences and to share resources that I come across.
I am not quite sure how this blog will develop over the coming months but my goal is to develop a community with other educators around the world who are also passionate about integrating technology in the classroom. I would like to share what I am using and to review some new technologies that I find useful in the classroom.
Our campus has decided to go completely Apple from August, so I am sure many of my posts will focus on using the Macbook and Ipad2 in the class as well.
Right now there isn't much here but I will continue to develop this blog over time in hopes that others find the information useful for their own quest to use more technology in the classroom.